Aug 23, 2010


This is Penny The Purple Penguin. If a house could have a mascot, this would be it.

I have coveted one of these brightly colored plaster penguins for a long time. The impossible circumstances of acquiring one led me to presume I would never actually have one.
It must have taken some serious magic, but on Saturday the impossible became possible - Dan and Artie brought us one as a house warming gift! Excited jumping up and down ensued.

We're trying out several new spots around the house for Penny, though she will probably be moving around a lot - what room isn't complete without a purple plaster penguin?!


  1. I love her. Please take a picture and post of her in more outfits, possibly sunglasses?! GWS

  2. wooohoooooo! when is the play date for penny, ludda and maxwell?

  3. Penny is famous! So happy you guys took her in with open arms. I'm sure she'll get nice and cozy very quickly in that house of yours!

    Congrats on the new addition to the family...

    See you guys soon! :)

  4. PS: She looks good with grey behind her - I like that look on her GWS

  5. Isn't Penny the greatest?!

    1. I am totally going to put sunglasses on the penguin sometime soon - great idea! I was also thinking a grass skirt if I can find one... or perhaps a fedora!

    2. Play date?! Um DEFINITELY! I want to take pictures of it!

    3. YAY! Thank you again! Penny is the best and we are having SO MUCH FUN with her!

    4. I like the gray too! She's currently chilling on the landing at the bottom of our stairs - fully on display and rockin' the gray backdrop.