Oct 19, 2010

We've Been "BOOED"!

We came home from work the other day and found this on our front porch.  Apparently it's a "BOO! Gram" where neighbors leave you a bucket of treats with little explanatory poem inside.   Also included is a  "Boo!" sign for your front door that you post to signify that your house has already been "hit".   Once you've been "hit" you create new bucket(s) of treats and pass the love on.  Has anyone else heard of this tradition before?   It was a complete surprise to us - we even had to look it up online.

This being NJ, of course we know all about mischief night where neighborhood children toilet paper your trees and douse your porch with shaving cream.  But a bucket of treats from anonymous neighbors?  That's awesome!  Our neighborhood is so great.  We love that they have cute little traditions like this, and we're happy to keep it going.  The kids on our block must have so much fun doing this.

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