Jun 18, 2010

Bathroom Update

I wish I had taken pictures of the giant shower holes. But I left my camera at work and as of this morning it's fixed; we had a carpentry crew in there to do the job early (supervised by my dad, who cleared his schedule so we could go to work - thanks Dad!). They actually ripped out the whole plaster wall, tub to ceiling, in that section and replaced it with one large cement board to ensure that there are no patch seams under the shower flow. If we had tried to do this ourselves it would have taken a whole saturday, we'd be way behind schedule and honestly I'd be worried about water leakage down the road. We'll get to try our hand at giant hole patching in plaster when we rip out the medicine cabinet. Joy!

Tonight is our crazy, insane push to finish tiling the shower. We still have to tile around the window, half the long wall and the biggest challenge of all - cutting the tiles around the plumbing. If we get it done, we're on track - grouting tomorrow, sealing Monday, Tuesday tub re-glazing. Our plumber comes back Monday to hook up our vanity sink and solder on the shower hardware.  We also want to get the window scraped and repainted/sealed if we can squeeze that in before Tuesday and maybe even put up the privacy film that we bought. And we have to fix the shower curtain rod and get it back up. Everything else is cosmetic - it will get done when it gets done.

I can't believe we move in just a few more days. There's so much to do it's scary. Luckily we have some wonderful helpers who have volunteered to come over to our half air conditioned house in the ridiculous heat and do some manual labor.

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