Jun 14, 2010

Paint Colors

*Updated in 2019*

I love Benjamin Moore paint. I could wax poetic on the colors, quality and consistency then lecture on the its more environmentally friendly qualities and how it supports small businesses by not being available in the big box stores.

I am particularly smitten with their Historical Collection, a selection of tried-and-true can't miss paint colors that coordinate well. No glowing neon wall colors here. And while these colors will look good in any home I was very excited to use historical colors in our historical house.

 Here's our current house palette (in 2019 everything below this point has been updated):

Living room: rockport gray (with firefly yellow in the wallpaper)
Stairwell: edgecomb gray
Dining room: salisbury green
Kitchen: edgecomb gray + white dove cabinets
Half bath: firefly yellow (with the same wallpaper as the living room)
Playroom: palladian blue
Upstairs hall: edgecomb gray
Main bath: guilford green
Master bedroom: palladian blue
Oliver's room: weston flax and hale navy
Matt's room: hollingsworth green

When this post was originally written, only the living room and dining room had been painted. We've come a long way since then....


  1. I have just discovered your blog and am really loving your blog! Love your paint choices and you've inspired me to do a post with my paint color scheme. I never realized how handy it is to have them all listed together like you do. (I struggled with paint colors- it's my obsession and my nemesis.) Thanks!

  2. Thank you! I worked really hard to try to put together a paint color scheme that would coordinate and flow throughout the whole house. It was a struggle to narrow things down and make different choices when something wasn't blending, but now I'm glad I did it - it's helped keep me grounded and on track when I'm tempted to paint my half bath plum or a dark peacock blue. It's also helped save me money when I can use up a gallon of paint between two rooms!

  3. I am in desperate need of paint color coordinating ideas so very much enjoyed looking through your pictures knowing what the paint colors are because of this post. Thanks!

  4. I just bought a new sofa in a grayish color. I have chosen Rockpot gray out of the many grays available in Benjamin Moore. I was so happy to find your blog. It was geat to actually see the color on the wall. I love uour color choices. I have some of your colors in my house already. I have Marysvale Brown on my living room now and am looking forward to seeing how my sofe will look with the Rockport Gray. You never know until the whole room is done if you will love it! Thanks

  5. I'm totally snagging your paint scheme for my house. Awesome!