General Updates Completed:
  1. Had electrician add circuits, brought up power to rooms, added outlets
  2. Had plumber replace broken piping, fixed bathroom drain, installed bathroom fixtures
  3. Installed a programmable thermostat
  4. Installed new carpeting on stairs, upstairs hall, and in master
  5. Built radiator boxes with screens and reflector shields for all radiators: 123456789, 10, 11
General Updates To Do:
  1. Replace windows throughout the house (eventually)
  2. Have attic fan repaired/replaced
  3. Upgrade electrical panel
  4. Replace old pipes where needed (potentially the whole line)
  5. Add in a water softener

Bathroom Updates Completed::
  1. Tiled the shower stall floor to ceiling with white subway tile
  2. Installed new vanity, have the plumber hook up the sink and faucet
  3. Installed a new medicine cabinet
  4. Installed new bathroom hardware - towel rods, etc.
  5. Had the plumber install new shower and bath fixtures
  6. Replaced the vanity light
  7. Fixed up and repainted linen closet
  8. Sanded and repainted shower curtain rod
  9. Scraped, sanded, primed, painted the bathroom window sill and trim
  10. Covered window with film for privacy, installed roman shade
  11. Repaired plaster walls, primed and painted
  12. Re-glazed the bathtub
  13. Added vinyl molding to the top of shower tile
  14. Added crown molding around the room
  15. Reorganized linen closet, fixed shelves to accommodate cart
  16. Family-friendly updates: towel hook, new mirror, new curtain
Bathroom Updates To Do:
  1. Add vent fan to pull moisture from the bathroom
  2. Repair ceiling, paint the ceiling with a color tint

Kitchen Updates Completed:
  1. Replaced current worn out counter tops with butcher block
  2. Replaced backsplash with leftover subway tile
  3. Painted cabinets White Dove
  4. Filled current hardware holes and installed new cabinet hardware
  5. Removed strange table-height counter top
  6. Replaced kitchen sink
  7. Replaced kitchen faucet 
  8. Repaired plaster, prime and paint walls
  9. Replaced country style sconce with utilitarian spotlight 
  10. Scraped and repainted windows, install new curtain hardware 
  11. Added crown molding
  12. Added a kitchen island for additional counter space 
  13. Built radiator cover for radiator
  14. Added an organizer (for mail, papers) over radiator 
Kitchen Updates To-Do:
  1. Upgrade overhead lighting with pendants and recessed lights
  2. Replace vent hood over stove (With either a microwave or hood)
  3. Figure out how to add in a dishwasher... most likely this will require a redo the kitchen (eventually), but a girl can dream that there's a cheaper ingenious solution out there... 

Front Yard/Porch Updates Completed:
  1. Replaced side door for energy efficiency (and bringing in the dryer)
  2. Added  landscaping - plants and  trees
  3. Removed the fencing in the side yard and front yard
  4. Painted front door dark gray
  5. Added a door knocker to front door
  6. Added a doorbell to front door
  7. Installed house numbers in the front
  8. Replaced ceiling light on front porch
  9. Added a motion sensor lantern light and additional outlet to side door
  10. Finished  and sealed mahogany on front porch
  11. Repainted  mailbox  and Repainted Mailbox post
  12. Repaired and repainted front porch posts and stairs
  13. Refreshed paint on posts, stairs and re-oil mahogany flooring
  14. Installed shutters on front windows (4)
  15. Added a trash can shed to hide the trash cans on the driveway
  16. Moved mailbox next to driveway (so parked cars stop blocking it and infuriating our mailman)
  17. Created a garden around the new mailbox
  18. Replaced the rotting porch posts and stairs with composite 
  19. Added bench to front porch 
  20. Replace porch railing with new vinyl railing
  21. Paint foundation gray for a face lift
Front Yard/Porch Updates To-Do:
  1. Replace storm door with one that's full glass
  2. Add a sconce light next to front door for more light

Backyard Updates Completed:
  1. Added  sliding doors in dining room out to backyard
  2. Built a deck in the backyard from sliding doors, stain deck
  3. Added slates to the bottom of the deck stairs
  4. Added  additional fence pieces with a gate on the side to fence in yard
  5. Added a driveway gate to finish the fencing in the backyard
  6. Built raised garden beds behind the garage 
  7. Built a patio around the deck
  8. Repaired cracks and sealed driveway
  9. Got a grill
  10. Built a compost binBuilt a bigger compost bin
  11. Built a pergola over part of the patio
  12. Built a trellis against pergola, planted vines
  13. Styled pergola and patio with curtains, lanterns, smaller table
  14. Bought and set up a swing set for Oliver
  15. Redid our driveway gate (the original rotted)
  16. Replanted the garden beds to create more visual interest
  17. Built two rustic garden obelisks
  18. Added lattice pieces to pergola to create more shade (to replace bamboo that used to be there)
  19. Added lattice below the deck in patio area to create a "wall"
  20. Added comfortable wicker seating to outdoor pergola patio space
  21. Added more flower pots and baskets to create an oasis of flowers 
  22. Add slates to the garden path 
Backyard Updates To-Do:
  1. Find a vine to grow on pergola that won't destroy the house or yard
  2. Add lighting around deck and patio
  3. Rectify water problem in the back with a gravel drainage trench
  4. Build a rain barrel
  5. Place a small arbor/archway over garden path, plant a climbing rose for decoration
  6. Replace garden raised beds with vinyl/composite beds (the cedar is rotting)
  7. Replace garden fencing and gate 

Stairwell and Upstairs Hall Updates Completed:
  1. Painted stairwell Edgecomb Gray
  2. Installed attic drop-down ladder and new door
  3. Installed new carpeting in hallway and stairs
  4. Repaired wallpaper with new roll, paint hallway Edgecomb Gray 
  5. Decided on and hung wall art in upstairs hall
  6. Built a gallery wall of photos and art going up stairwell wall
  7. Replaced hanging brass light with new one to match stairwell
  8. Repainted the trim and doors
  9. Repaired cracks and paint ceiling
  10. Added crown molding
  11. Replaced roller shade with blinds, rehung curtains
Stairwell and Upstairs Hall Updates To-Do:
  1. Add lighting to stairwell (long pendants)

Master Bedroom Updates Completed:
  1. Demoed the current master bedroom closets and built-in
  2. Had carpenter add doorway in master bedroom, convert hallway into closet
  3. Installed new carpeting in master bedroom
  4. Sanded, repaired plastered, primed and painted new closet interior
  5. Painted the master bedroom Palladian Blue, paint ceiling a light blue tint
  6. Added ceiling fan in master bedroom
  7. Added master closet lighting, shelving and flooring
  8. Added outlets and light switches in master bedroom
  9. Added new window blinds 
  10. Installed curtain rods
  11. Found floor length mirror
  12. Found and put up matching curtains 
  13. Got a new dresser to replace the brown one
  14. Put up picture ledge over my dresser
  15. Found matching nightstands and refinished them 
Master Bedroom Updates To-Do:
  1. Add crown molding

  1. Painted the office Weston Flax
  2. Sanded, plastered, primed and painted closet interior, sanded cedar walls to refresh the smell
  3. Added closet lighting
  4. Added second closet shelf
  5. Replaced overhead light fixture with ceiling fan
  6. Added additional electrical outlets
  7. Removed carpeting
  8. Installed new beige carpeting 
  9. Replaced roller shades with blinds
  10. Hung curtain rods and curtains
  11. Painted office ceiling
  12. Added organizational shelving
  13. Decided on and hang wall art
  1. Painted guest bedroom 
  2. Painted guest room ceiling
  3. Sanded, plastered, primed and painted closet interior
  4. Added closet lighting
  5. Added second shelf in closet
  6. Added overhead ceiling fan
  7. Added additional outlets 
  8. Replaced mismatched molding
  9. Removed carpeting
  10. Had new carpet installed
  11. Replaced roller shade with blinds
  12. Hung curtain rods and curtains

Dining Room Updates Completed:
  1. Painted dining room Salisbury Green
  2. Replaced dining room windows with sliding glass doors
  3. Installed curtain rods and curtains in dining room
  4. Installed picture ledges in dining room
  5. Hung bamboo shade in living room
  6. Installed hooks in dining room by sliding doors
  7. Spray painted chandelier oil rubbed bronze
  8. Converted the cabinet into a hidden office storage space
  9. Fixed dining room light wiring with a professional
Dining Room Updates To-Do:

  1. Spray new dining room light dark bronze 

Living Room Updates Completed:
  1. Painted living room Rockport Gray
  2. Installed wallpaper and molding in living room
  3. Replaced ugly outdated ceiling light in living room
  4. Installed bamboo shades on windows
  5. Installed curtain rods and curtains in living room
  6. Moved sun room light switch from living room to sun room
  7. Found and buy console table
  8. Found new couch and move current couch to sun room
  9. Replaced coffee table with new one
  10. Temporarily replaced coffee table with toddler friendly ottoman
  11. Refinished the marble table, the wood side table, the other wood side table
  12. Replaced living room rug with a bigger one
  13. Put together built-in bookcases on the wall by the playroom with doors and lighting 
  14. Replace the couch with a modular sectional that fits our space with removable, washable covers
  15. Replace TV stand (since the old one was too big and destroyed by kids)
Living Room Updates To-Do:
  1. Swap out black outlets for fresh white ones
  2. Get a real shoe organizer for next to door (when kids are older)
Sun Room (now the Playroom) Updates Completed:
  1. Painted sun room Palladian Blue
  2. Installed thermal shades in sun room (it's boiling hot in there!)
  3. Fixed and replaced hardware on sun room doors
  4. Replaced ugly ceiling light in sun room with chandelier 
  5. Decorated the room and add a rug 
  6. Refinished the family kitchen set 
  7. Refinished the family rocking chair 

Half Bath Updates Completed:
  1. Repaired plaster walls
  2. Replaced missing wall, reinstalled sink
  3. Painted bathroom walls
  4. Installed wallpaper
  5. Replaced ugly medicine cabinet with a new one
  6. Replaced light fixture, add a light switch instead of a pull cord
  7. Installed drop ceiling to accommodate new pipes in ceiling from upstairs bath
  8. Repaired and repainted window, installed roman shade
  9. Installed new bathroom hardware (towel rods, etc)
  10. Installed bathroom shelving
  11. Added artwork to walls
  12. Built radiator cover 

Basement and Basement Stairwell Updates Completed:
  1. Installed shelving in the basement
  2. Organized the basement
  3. Replaced the hot water heater 
  4. Figured out how to live without a coat closet or build a substitute 
  5. Installed a freezer chest in basement, add an outlet
  6. Reorganized the super messy basement AGAIN, move heat-safe stuff to attic, downsize
  7. Rearranged furniture, storage, etc. 
  8. Improved basement lighting
  9. Painted basement stairwell walls
  10. Installed hooks and cubby shelf in basement stairwell
Basement and Basement Stairwell Updates To-Do:
  1. Add light in basement stairwell (it's so dark!)
  2. Replace ugly furnace switch in stairwell
  3. Paint stairwell stairs a darker color (white shows all dirt)
  4. Block off utilities/safety hazards in the "living space"
  5. Reorganize office/living space to be more functional

Attic Updates Completed:
  1. Installed attic drop-down ladder and new door
  2. Installed attic fan
  3. Added new attic insulation to floor
  4. Boarded up attic floor with plywood so we can store stuff up here
Attic Updates To-Do:
  1. Add light(s) in the attic and an electrical outlet
  2. Build safety railing around door opening
  3. Get attic fan replaced

Garage Updates Completed:
  1. Painted garage door
  2. Built garage shelving (but need more)
Garage Updates To-Do: 
  1. Paint the outside walls of the garage (I did the front for now)
  2. Replace side door to garage (the frame is completely rotted)
  3. Clean out and organize the inside of the garage (AGAIN)
  4. Build additional garage shelving for more storage
  5. Set up a work bench/wood shop area for building things
  6. Fill garage floor with cement
  7. Build floating pergola over front of the garage door 
  8. Bring electricity out to the garage