Nov 20, 2015

Garden & Yard Cleanup

We've been cleaning up the yard and garden beds, all the boring but necessary Fall cleanup duties. The leaves are (mostly) cleaned up. I planted my spring bulbs and pulled up all the dahlias. We pulled up all the dead plants and composted everything but the peonies, which instead were bagged for removal (peonies are poisonous to other plants). The backyard and front yard beds are now in good shape for winter.

In the raised bed garden, we (finally!) pulled up all the dead plants. We'll overwinter the thyme and oregano as always and move it in the spring. And we still need to pull up the carrots with Oliver. We thought we had enough black plastic to cover the beds for winter, but we only had enough for two to start. We have another roll on our shopping list.

I'm relieved that the big outdoor projects are almost done. All we have left is to wrap the fig trees (they got so big we need more materials - also on the shopping list!), put the rest of the black plastic down in the raised bed garden and put the furniture and toys away for winter before it snows (probably in December).

Nov 5, 2015


For years now I have wanted to plant some more bulbs for early spring flowers, but I never remember to do it at the right time. It’s always midwinter or early spring when I think of it! It’s hard to remember in autumn when our yard is still so lush and full of plants, then we get busy clearing things out after the frosts and I’m so caught up in pulling things out that I forget.

This year though I’ve finally remembered at the right time. I treated myself to a bag of daffodil bulbs and tulips. We already have quite a few daffodils in the back from the previous owner, but I wanted to add some more color back there with the tulips. Tulips and tulip bulbs are delicious to deer, but we haven’t had those in our backyard since our next door neighbors got a tall privacy fence, so I’m hopeful that these won’t get eaten. I added the daffodils to the front yard, especially in the mailbox garden bed - it looks quite dreary in the early spring because everything in there is summer and fall blooming.

There's really nothing to see right now, just some misplaced mulch... but in the spring it's going to be beautiful! (I hope!)

Oct 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from all of us in the little yellow house!

We had such a fun holiday! Halloween on Saturday is the best! Our whole neighborhood was full of kids running around all evening having the best time - Oliver was in heaven. Our house was nice and spooky - we carved our pumpkins and put them on the porch with our plastic ones...

(We won't win any carving awards but it was still fun!) 

Georgia was a Viking dragon slayer and Oliver was a fearsome green dragon! They made such a cute pair!

Oct 29, 2015

Halloween is Almost Here!

The ground looks like this:

The trees look like this:

Our porch pumpkins are still in tact and ready for carving up tonight:

Our house is decorated and ready for trick-or-treaters:

We are ready!

All the festivities start tomorrow with Oliver's school parade, then we're off to town trick-or-treat. Saturday we'll be celebrating in the neighborhood. Ollie's going to be a green dragon (his choice and he's SO excited!) and Georgia is going to be a viking. Last year they both went as dogs - Oliver was a puppy dog and Georgia was a hot dog.

Oct 22, 2015

Starlight Star Bright

We don't see a lot of stars in our part of NJ, there's too much light from all the homes and businesses in the suburbs. When we were out on Cape Cod though, on the edge of the sea, it was like being on the edge of the world with millions of stars. It was incredible.

Last year I took a few star pictures and I was so happy with how they came out, we did it again this year. The weather this year on a few nights was so ideal I captured even more stars than last year. It was so much fun to do!

Oct 20, 2015

We love Cape Cod

Back in September we went on vacation to Cape Cod. We had an amazing trip - the weather was so warm it felt like summer and we spent tons of time on the beach, walking, biking and exploring, shopping and kayaking. Even Oliver fell in love with kayaking this year. It was a magical two weeks and I wish I was back there right now!

Everything about Cape Cod is so beautiful. We just love it up there.

Oliver made friends with hermit crabs on the beach...

And here's Oliver kayaking! He's only 3 so his lessons were short and sweet, but he was really good! When we really went out he sat in the  jump seat of one of our kayaks.

We also visited this uninhabited island that can only be reached by boat, the only residents are seals. Supposedly there are a lot of great white sharks around in the water so we dare didn't go swimming. Those little gray heads bobbing in the water and shadows are seals! Our tiny boat was surrounded by them in the water - it was so cool.

The island itself was beautiful. The dunes are constantly moving so the island is always changing - it's really cool.

 Anyone with a vacation house on The Cape want to lend it to use for a couple of weeks?