Jun 14, 2010

From the Weekend

What did we do this past weekend?

We scheduled the plumber, met with another electrician, disconnected the bathroom sink and removed the vanity from the bathroom. The old sink was so heavy we left it in the office, because who doesn't want an old upside down sink as decorative sculpture? Our new vanity still remains in its box downstairs and makes an excellent table. Shannon brought over her old air conditioner (thank you!) and it also weighs 150 lbs. Katie came all the way out from the city to sand my linen closet and sand all the shelves, (thank you!) for an afternoon of dust mask wearing fun. Mom, my official locksmith, installed the new door handles in deadbolts in the front and side doors and put up half of the wallpaper in the living room. Mike became a wet tile saw expert and we together we tiled the entire far wall of the shower from floor to ceiling.

And Georgia is tired from all the work. We made her do all the tile cutting on the wet tile saw until she started pushing for unionization.

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