Jun 27, 2010

Goodbye Apartment

This weekend we spent most of our time cleaning and repainting the apartment. It was time to say goodbye. Our lease ends Wednesday at noon and we had to spend our last couple of days off earning our full security deposit back. Lots of dust bunnies to swiffer, floors to polish, and walls to paint back to white. Mom wonderfully volunteered to help and got my floors & appliances shinier than I ever could. We also had to clean out our storage unit in the basement, move my balcony garden to the backyard of the house, and collect the last of our things.

It's amazing what paint and a few accessories can do. Empty of furniture and blank white walls, our apartment turned from our home back into a generic apartment. Looking back at pictures, it gives me confidence that if I can make this apartment feel like a cozy home, I can make anything - including this challenging house - feel like a cozy home. 

It's actually surprisingly hard and sad to say goodbye. I know we have moved on to a bigger and better place, but we had a really great 3.5 years there.

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