Jun 14, 2010

Living Room, Painted

The living room was the second room to be painted. I needed to "eradicate" the mauve and make the downstairs of the house actually feel like ours instead of a space we're borrowing. Painting is an easy win to make a place feel more homey, even without furniture. We hung up a piece of the wallpaper to see how it will all eventually come together. We're holding off painting the stairwell and upstairs hallway until after the movers bring in the furniture since they will probably scuff up the walls.

So here's the living room plan for the walls:

So far it's been painted the rockport gray, which i am in love with. Here are the before and after photos:

(please note: the pink ruffle curtains only remain up for privacy until we unpack and install our own. Anyone interested in something lacy and pink before I donate them?)

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