Jul 14, 2010

The Blue Room

We painted the master bedroom over the weekend a lovely Palladian Blue. It's the same color we actually had in our bedroom at our former apartment. It's funny how color changes in different light and in different spaces. At the old apartment, it was a much brighter blue with gentle gray undertones. In our new master bedroom it has very strong green and gray undertones, making it a much more complex blue-green-gray color that I like even more. It's hard to tell from photos of course, but you'll have to take my word for it or come over for a house tour.

We also painted the new trim and closet doors a crisp bright white to match all the other trim in the house. I love the high baseboards and wide window casings, they make such nice accents. Once we move back into the room, our summer bedding is a soft buttery yellow color in the same family as the Weston Flax we want to paint the office. It pairs nicely with the blue walls and crisp white trim. We painted the ceiling a very light tint of the Palladian blue, mixing a little of the blue into some white ceiling paint. Right now it looks white, but it will pop once we install crown molding. Inside the closet, we painted the walls and ceiling bone white (leftover from the apartment repainting). I wanted a very light neutral color in there so I can see my clothes better. I was actually really surprised how beige/tan it looks against the white trim - it looked off white in the apartment!

The beige carpet should pair nicely with the bone white. We also need to add some inexpensive laminate flooring in the closet because adding carpet would have been a lot more money - we would have needed another big piece since it's sold in 12 ft lengths. Next steps after that - closet shelving, a ceiling fan, window treatments, electrical installation (outlets, light switches) and furniture!

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