Jul 1, 2010

Master, Remastered

Those guys worked hard. I can't believe they finished our new closet and moved the doorway in a few short days. If anyone needs a good carpenter (or a good plumber or electrician or tub re-glazer for that matter) in the NJ area, I highly recommend the guys we've used. I'm happy to pass along their info if anyone wants it. As an additional surprise, a very special someone gave us attic stairs as a house warming gift (THANK YOU!) and the contractors installed them in the hallway, closing up the current awkward hole. It doesn't sound exciting - but it is when you have super-high ceilings, a too-low rickety ladder and a lot of work to do up there.

Here's our final revised layout, updated from our previous plans, with a new fabulous set of attic stairs in the hallway instead of inside the closet:

And here's what the bedroom and hallway look like now:

While we should be concentrating our efforts on finishing the bathroom and the kitchen, we can't wait to move back into our new room. It feels so much bigger! And look at the closet! The doorway is now in such a better spot - we're in love with our new layout. Tonight we filled nail holes in the trim with wood filler, pulled staples out of the floor, capped wires, and I primed the fronts of the closet doors. To get our room back into live-in condition, we have a lot to do:
  • Prime the bedroom and closet walls, doors, trim
  • Paint the bedroom walls Palladian Blue
  • Paint the inside of the closet Bone White (leftover from re-painting the apartment)
  • Paint the closet doors and trim bright white
  • Hang up some closet shelves
  • Re-carpet the floor (and hallway and stairs, July 14th)
  • Install the little AC unit (Thank you Gill & Joe!) because the hall AC doesn't quite reach the back bedroom
In addition, we'd like to do some electrical work down the road - adding outlets, light switches, closet lighting, etc.

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