Aug 6, 2010

The Bathroom: The Big Reveal

It happened. I mean it really happened! Our bathroom is done and if I do say so myself, I think it looks great. I use the term "done" loosely in our house - of course the bathroom isn't really totally finished, but no room ever really will be. "Done" in our house means the room has reached an acceptable state of decency that we can live with for a while. What's left? The bathroom still needs to be decorated (I need to unpack those boxes), we have to install the vent fan in the ceiling to draw out moisture (a big project that requires cooler weather and money to pay a roofing guy), and we still want to build a radiator cover box (a big house-wide project for the fall).

From where we started, this room is officially a million times better. Just to remind you, here is what it looked like before:

And once we (innocently) took down the wallpaper, it was even worse:

The tile floor and toilet were new. Everything else needed a major overhaul. Over the past 2 months we have worked like crazy (with some much appreciated help) to get it to this point. Here's a recap:
  • We removed the old wallpaper, vanity, sink, medicine cabinet and light fixture
  • The linen closet was sanded, patched, primed and painted white, the floor dark gray
  • We tiled the tub and shower surround with white subway tile to the ceiling
  • We added white crown molding around the room and vinyl crown molding at the top of the shower for a finished look
  • The plumber repaired the damaged pipes and leaking drain around the tub
  • The new vanity, sink, faucet and shower hardware were installed by our plumber
  • The tub was professionally re-glazed
  • The walls were removed, replaced, and repaired in multiple places, then plastered/spackled over and over (and over) until smooth
  • We primed the walls and painted them Guilford Green in a semi-gloss
  • We scraped, sanded, repainted, and waterproofed the window
  • For privacy we installed translucent film on the lower half of the window and a roman shade above
  • Mike installed a bright new vanity light and light switch
  • We installed a new, larger medicine cabinet
  • We scraped and repainted the shower curtain rod white
  • We installed new towel rods and hooks for a finished look

And after all that work [cue triumphant music] here are some photos of the finished room:

One of my favorite details of the room include the faceted glass shower curtain hooks that coordinate with the glass door handles.

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