Aug 10, 2010

Ceiling Fans

Now that we have power in the master bedroom, Mike installed the ceiling fan last night. It's connected to the new light switch and everything, and to me that's pretty exciting!

Here's what I learned while shopping around for ceiling fans: no matter how much you spend, from a hundred dollars to close to a thousand, ALL ceiling fans are ugly. The only ones I found remotely appealing were the tropical faux palm ones - except this isn't a cabana in Florida and our room is too small. So we went with a plain white one with 3 lights that were less hideous than some of the others. Honestly if we had moved into this house in the fall or winter, without knowing how hot is gets upstairs in the summer, we probably would have gone for a stylish pendant light instead. Except we did move into the house during one of the hottest summers ever and now every bedroom upstairs will be getting a ceiling fan. I don't care how ugly they are, we don't have central air and we need the breeze!


  1. ok, i have done sooooo much research looking for ceiling fans. it is a very, very hard category! i've found a couple of good ones. and when i posted about my dining room i was heartbroken that people ragged on my ceiling fan (for not looking good in that particular space). Dang, it was hard to find a good one and then to hear people telling me to take it out... hah! no way Jose!

    You all are doing a lovely, lovely job on your little yellow house. Best, ADD

  2. Fans is better w/o lights. Gd