Aug 4, 2010

Finally Some Privacy

We're busy wrapping up the bathroom these days. We're getting so close to finishing, I'm practically giddy. One of our most recent projects was to repaint the window frame and put up some translucent film on the lower half of the glass for better privacy. The window frame is a million times better - no more nasty peeling paint. Unfortunately the film took two tries to get it right (the first piece sacrificed to the squeegee gods), but I'm very happy with the results. Plenty of light still gets through, but the view is finally fully obscured. We no longer have to carefully rig the shower curtains - we have full-time privacy!

The bathroom window is really only half done as far as scraping, sanding and repainting goes. The rest of it needs to be done on the outside on a very tall ladder. A ladder much taller than anything we own and taller than we anything we can fit into our car. We'll worry about it when it's time to clean the gutters.

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