Aug 19, 2010

Sweet Dreams

No more camping out in the office! Last night we moved our furniture back into the master bedroom. Mike had finished all the electrical work and patching - lights that  really work and multiple outlets are much appreciated. It feels great to finally have a bedroom that actually fits our furniture - no more banging our knees or squeezing around dressers to move around.

An unexpected benefit to painting our bedroom Palladian Blue - last night the room felt like home.  I was expecting it to feel foreign and new (the way any room does when you're not used to it), but instead it felt familiar and welcoming.  I attribute this feeling to the paint color because we spent the previous 3 years of our life with Palladian Blue bedroom walls in the old apartment.  I'll have to remember this little trick if we move again someday - painting the bedroom walls the same color smooths the transition!

Now of course the room is a mess - so much to organize and put away. So many boxes in the sun room to bring up and unpack. Then I have a ton of decorating to do in here - curtains, lamps, wall art, etc. At some point I would also like to upgrade to some of the furniture too - like matching nightstands!

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