Sep 10, 2010

Backsplash Be Gone

Mike removed the old ugly backsplash behind the sink in the kitchen, only to find disgusting crumbling plaster behind. And some totally disgusting (grease splattered) 1950s wallpaper. Since we know this kitchen was installed in 1960, it was like opening up a time capsule.

The plaster under the windows was crumbling off in chunks...

Removing the back splash was bad enough (back in June, the other half of it required 3 people to pull when the electricians were here) but then because the plaster was so bad, Mike had to chisel all of that away too down to the wooden lath. We'll be replacing it with green board and adding some spray foam insulation under the windows once the counter tops are off.

Hello Greasy 1950s Wallpaper...


  1. That wallpaper is really cool actually, I kind of love it! Is that wrong? LOL Great work on the house guys, I enjoy reading your updates! :) Love, Gillian