Oct 28, 2010

Radiator Cover Two and Three Done: In the Living Room

Mike finished radiator cover numbers two and three for the living room!  They look so nice in a space that is still so messy and chaotic. I love it that the radiators have now become a usable surface in the room.  I'm not sure yet if they might be too hot to use as a shelf in the winter, but they can most certainly accommodate a cup of tea when I'm sitting in a nearby chair.

The cover by the stairs was super tricky because the radiator is pressed up against the stairs.  In order to fit the cover, Mike had to create a custom cutout to accommodate the shape of the stair.  It's quite impressive, just as impressive as the custom cuts off the back of all the covers to accommodate the baseboard trim and the window casings (I just realized that  you can't see them in the pictures because there's stuff in the way - sorry).  Georgia puts her paws up on this radiator to see out the window - I'm really glad it's now covered so she can bark at the morning school buses safely!

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