Dec 28, 2010

Our First Snow in The Little Yellow House

Initiation item #437 into adulthood: Hating snow. 

In our old apartment, snow storms still held their luster with the promise of a day off.  We would put on our snow boots and walk Georgia through a winter wonderland while the maintenance staff would shovel the walkways and the parking lots.

Now we're homeowners without a snow blower.  We got more than 2 feet  of snow after Christmas.  The weather report had predicted 6-12" so we foolishly left our cars in the back instead of parking them in front of the gate.  So we had to shovel the entire driveway.  And we had to clear the deck and the porch and some walking trails for Georgia.  It took hours.  Mike declared it one of the worst "projects" we've had to do so far with the house.  And it's only December... we have a long winter of snow shoveling to go!

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