Apr 21, 2011

Peonies are Planted

Back in January I ordered some peonies from one of those seed catalogs offering a winter special of six various types for a super low price.  They arrived back in March but it's been too cold to plant them.  I finally put all six in the ground along the wood fence between other various perennials (bleeding hearts, irises, gladiolas, a knockout rose bush, anemones, astible and currently daffodils).  The pictures are of the bulbs before I planted them, the pink parts are the "eyes" that will grow into the plant.  I was going to show the "planted" phase too until I realized it was just a picture of a circles of dirt in the grass spaced 3-4 feet apart.  I still have to pull up the surrounding sod and mulch the whole border - I have a lot of weeding and mulching to do!

I read that peonies take 2 -3 years to bloom.  So like many of the things we've planted, it's all about patience.  But someday soon everything will come together and it will be great.

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