Apr 11, 2011

Seal Your Shower

We went away for the weekend to visit my lovely cousin and her husband down in Maryland (it was so much fun!).  Before leaving, Mike re-sealed the grout in our shower.  Why?  Because 6 months after you tile, grout and seal the grout, you're supposed to re-seal it for long-lasting waterproofing durability.  But then you can't use the shower for 72 hours.  When you only have 1 full bathroom, who can live without showering for 3 days?  So while we we're a couple months late taking this step, we took advantage of the weekend away to get it done.

It's going to be a light week around here.  Since we were away all weekend we got nothing (zilch, zero, nada) done on the house.  Taxes are due and we're not quite finished.  I've been lucky enough to have even more freelance design work than usual (outside my regular full-time design job) - it's great because we desperately need a cash infusion to fund future home renovations, but at the same time it leaves me with little time for the work.  Plus our next steps with the office are all electrical work - very important, but also very time-consuming and leave me with little to write about.

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