May 23, 2011

Hello Citrus!

Thank you for all of the happy birthday wishes, I had a wonderful weekend.  It was filled with lots of sleep, rich food, fancy drinks, plenty of fun and time spent outdoors landscaping and working on our gardens.  All of my favorite things.

The first thing I wanted to share from my weekend are the latest editions to our garden.  Move over fig tree, we are now the proud owners of a Meyer lemon tree and a lime tree!  How cool is that?!  Compliments of my totally awesome and thoughtful sister, these patio trees will produce plenty of fruit despite their small stature.  Their ability to live and thrive in pots make it possible for people like me who live in Northeast to have citrus trees because they will spend half the year indoors in our sun room.

The lemon tree is covered in blooms and small baby green lemons.  The flowers smell amazing, almost like gardenias.   And they look beautiful.  The lime tree will start blooming sometime soon.  Did you know that lime trees have thorns?  I learned that one the hard way during the re-potting process (ouch!).  However any future pricks or scratches will be well worth it - I can't wait to start harvesting my own citrus!


  1. So cool - I want a patio lemon tree! I wonder if they would survive in Toronto?

  2. I don't see why not? They have to live half the year indoors in NJ anyways - it couldn't hurt to try if you have a sunny winter spot...

  3. I'm going to try it - LOVE!

  4. Worth it just for the smell of the blossom!! Lovely. (BW)