Jun 29, 2011

Planting, Continued

My aunt, a master gardener (the love of gardening runs in the family), gave us this beautiful oak leafed hydrangea.  Until now, I’d never seen or heard of one before, though of course I’m just starting out in the world of horticulture.  The leaves are shaped like oak leaves (hence the name) and will turn a beautiful red color in the fall.  The creamy white blossoms smell amazing.

The shrub needs part shade, so we had to plant it further back along the fence where it won’t receive full scorching summer sun all day (like most of our backyard).  Since we were already planting things, we also decided to place our blueberry bushes along the fence between the hydrangea and the existing plants.  The blueberries weren’t doing too well in their pots, so hopefully this will help... or kill them... they are so small who knows what will happen.  We probably should have invested in larger bushes.

Also here’s a quick picture of how the garden is doing.  The tomatoes are officially taller than me with more green tomatoes growing than I can count.  We are harvesting squash and zucchini and beans and cucumbers already.  The flowers are budding and should start blooming any day now.

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  1. Your garden is huge! Everything is so tall!