Jul 5, 2011

Flower Cutting Garden: First Harvest

I’ve been asked more than once, why have a flower cutting garden bed when it could be used for so many other edible things?

My answer is this: I love flowers.   I love flowers more than growing my own broccoli or cauliflower or onions and garlic.  Or making more room for melons or trying to grow pumpkins.

I love flowers in the yard brightening up my outdoor living space, but I also love bouquets of flowers inside.   Flowers make everything better.   Buying them weekly from the farmer’s market or store is an expensive habit.  And it’s very hard to enjoy flower beds and pots blooming outside if I’ve picked all the flowers for bouquets inside.   So I created a cutting garden bed within my vegetable garden, to be harvested like any other plant.   This way I have flowers inside and outside to be enjoyed.

This weekend the zinnias and snapdragons started to bloom.  And I was able to take this:

And turn it into this:

And now my living room is that much brighter and cheerier.  To me that’s more important than a homegrown butternut squash (even though they are delicious).

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