Jul 28, 2011

Patio Building: Filling the Gaps

The next step towards finishing our patio was to fill the joints with polymetric sand.  This is the special sand that turns to a cement-like consistency when you wet it.  It gives us extra security to keep the pavers from shifting and also helps prevent weeds and ant hills.  It also gives the pavers a smooth finished look, like grout between tiles.  Any mistakes are blended in and forgiven.

To install the sand, we poured some over the pavers and then worked it into the cracks with a broom.  Because it turns to something like cement when wet, once the cracks were filled we blew down the pavers with a blower to make sure nothing was left on top.  Then we turned the hose and wet everything down with a gentle spray.

We also installed the plastic patio edging once again around the patio.  Using stakes we secured it to the ground pressed firmly against the pavers.  Long term the edging will further help prevent things from shifting.

The end was finally in sight - our patio project was almost at a close.  All it needed was some landscaping and finishing touches.

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