Jul 21, 2011

Patio Building: Hauling Gravel

After the patio area had been dug out, tamped down and covered with weed block fabric, we could finally start building the patio base up with gravel (or “quarry process”).  We hauled over 3.5 cubic yards in our wheel barrow from the pile next to the garage to the patio area.   Then using shovels and a rake, we spread out a 4 inch layer of gravel as evenly as possible, building up the level slowly until we reached the proper height below the lines and stakes.

Moving that mountain of gravel took forever and we were in a terrible rush.  It was hot and horrible in the blazing sun.  We shoveled scoop after scoop of gravel until we were dizzy and our arms felt like they were going to fall off.  Then we scooped some more and more until the pile was next to nothing.  We only wanted to pay for one day of plate compactor rental and the gravel had to be compacted as well, so there was a lot of pressure to finish it in one day.   We managed to get it done... at a price.  Despite several reapplications of SPF 50 and spraying ourselves with the hose, sunburn and heat rash ensued.   We did our best to stay hydrated, but it was exhausting in the summer heat!

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