Jul 7, 2011

Patio Pavers

Today we ordered our patio pavers!  After some serious shopping around and price comparison, we finally settled on a style, brand, and color we both loved.  We’re going with a local supplier that was able to offer us the best price on everything, including delivery fees (since we’re close by).

{A note to anyone who’s looking to build a patio - Home Depot and Lowes are actually more expensive than a lot of local places for this stuff, so definitely shop around for the best deal.}

We’re going with a roman cobble paver by CST in the antique gray color.  We’ll be laying out a simple 2-1 Herringbone pattern using 6”x6” squares and 6”x9” rectangles.   The color should blend nicely with the cement slab we poured at the bottom of the deck steps.

The pavers, gravel, sand, and edging are all being delivered Monday.  We’re really excited to get started!

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