Aug 17, 2011

It’s the Details: Jewelry Hooks

For a while now, I've wanted to install a set of small hooks in our bedroom to hang and organize some of my long necklaces.   Until now, I’ve thrown them in a mess over my dresser mirror and they easily got tangled up, adding unnecessary stress to getting ready in the morning.   I remembered I had this sweet little set of dragonfly hooks (given to me by a friend) that I never used and would be perfect for the task - but I couldn’t find them in any of my bedroom/closet boxes.  Before we moved I committed a massive purge of old and unused items, and I figured the hooks had been thrown away with everything else.

Since then I had yet to find a set of hooks that worked - I wanted something pretty with little hooks that didn’t stick out too far from the wall (because it would be in a corner), and it had to be fairly inexpensive.   Then over the weekend I was going through my office boxes while emptying the office closet and miracle of miracles - the hooks had somehow been thrown into a box with art supplies!   A small happy dance ensued - then I grabbed a couple of screws, a level and the drill and got to work.  Once up, the chrome finish of the screws stood out like a sore thumb, so I colored them in with black and teal sharpies.

It’s so nice to have my favorite pieces hung up and organized.  Not only do they look nicer, but it’s so much easier to accessorize in a hurry and get out the door.

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