Aug 15, 2011

Patio Landscaping Update

The landscaping around the patio is still in progress.   The grass is slowly starting to sprout around the edges and will eventually fill back in.

The grass in progress

We also finally filled in the awkward space between the patio and the driveway.  Originally we were going to put in some small shrubs, but decided against it.  We realized we needed something more durable that could withstand being hit with a gate, big piles of snow, and trampled by a dog.  So instead we decided to go with an ornamental grass.



We bought 4 containers of Japanese forest grass - it’s a perennial that will grow to be about 1-2 ft high and 2 ft wide - a perfect covering for this space.  Flexible blades of grass can withstand being pushed around by the driveway gate, Georgia’s shenanigans, and it will die back in the winter so we don’t have to worry about crushing it with snow when we shovel the driveway.

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