Aug 3, 2011


After all that hard work on the patio, we decided we deserved a vacation and escaped across the country like the spontaneous people that we are.   Okay actually that’s not true at all, we’ve had our summer vacation to Seattle planned for months and our departure date was the deadline for finishing the patio.  But sometimes a looming deadline is just the overwhelming pressure motivation we need to get something big done.

We got back last night and Washington State was fantastic, beautiful, awe-inspiring.  We had a great time, but now we are jet-lagged and exhausted.  And after being gone for a week, we are out of projects to share with you.  So instead enjoy these pictures of all things gorgeous while we unpack and pretend we’re on vacation for one more day.

Downtown Seattle

What trip to Seattle would be complete without a picture of the Space Needle?

Mount Rainier

View from Point Defiance in Tacoma

Owen Beach at low tide
The forests are so lush and green, even in the summer
Morning fog around the San Juan Islands, seen from the Anacortes-Orcas Ferry

The San Juan Islands, seen from the Orcas-Anacortes Ferry

Main Street over The East Sound on Orca's Island

Bright purple & orange starfish, unique to the San Juan Islands

Beautiful pine forests on Orca's Island

The East Sound on Orca's Island

View of Sucia Island from the North Beach, Orca's Island


  1. Love your vaca pics! Can't wait to see more! ~J

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time!