Sep 12, 2011

The Office: Semi-Finished

Our office has finally reached that “good enough for now” stage where we can move on to other things for a while.

There’s still a lot I want to do in here and I have high expectations for what I want this space to be, so we have a long way to go.  However, for the moment, we are as close to "done" as we're going to get.   I'm eager to get back into a lot of other projects on our to-do list, including many pre-winter to-dos that have been hanging over us for a while now.

The good news is that the office is functional.   The bookshelf and cube shelf provide some much needed storage.  Baskets and boxes contain and hide a lot of our clutter.   I have the L-shaped desk in the corner to provide two work spaces - one clean side for my computer and business, one messy side for art projects and crafting.  Mike has the computer armoire by the door that provides lots of storage for all his computer stuff.

I want this space to be both really beautiful and functional since it's going to be used as a creative space for both of us.  While the curtains, framed pictures, and decor help - things are still aren’t quite there yet.  There are too many finishes in here (black, white, cream, mahogany/espresso, medium-toned wood veneer, chrome, satin nickle) and I want to figure out ways to reduce them in a cost effective way.

Honestly neither of us are really sold on the furniture in here.  For example - Mike's desk armoire.  We've had it a long time, it was cheaply made and it's starting to fall apart.  Mike also finds it uncomfortable because he's so tall and it offers minimal legroom...  but it’s functional and stores a lot.  Another issue is my office chair - it’s also falling apart, missing screws and unattractive...  but it’s comfortable.  I’d love to upgrade my cheap black plastic supply cart to an attractive storage cabinet with drawers.   For now everything is staying, but I'm keeping an eye out for other options and solutions for this room.

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  1. I must admit - I have office envy!! You can actually see the floor in your office. ~shan