Oct 20, 2011

Fall Garden

I’ve pulled up most of my raised bed garden out back, with the exception of a few plants that are still productive despite the late October date - poblano, jalepeno and cubanel peppers, a few more green beans, herbs, and carrots I have yet to dig up.

The biggest crop that’s going wild are my flowers. Until they are nipped by frost, the dahlias and zinnia plants continue to grow and produce more and more flowers. We’ve had a warm October so far and the flowers are loving it. They are so out of control that I was able to make 5 large bouquets in one day. See how pretty?

These days the lemon and lime trees have to be brought in at night because they are so sensitive to cold, being tropical plants. However, I’m happy to report that the lemons are finally starting to ripen and turn yellow! I can’t wait until I can harvest one!

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