Nov 7, 2011

Garage Eave Painting

And we’re back! The yard has been cleaned up, repairs have been made, the snow has melted and things feel (almost) back to normal. Let’s just hope it doesn’t snow again for a while.

The eaves under our garage roof were in terrible shape. The paint was peeling and in the worst spots - missing completely. Before winter we HAD to get a fresh coat of paint on there to protect the wood and prevent wood rot. Luckily all of the wood was still in good shape, despite being exposed.

Mike spent a couple hours up on a ladder scraping all of the loose paint away, then he painted everything with a coat of yellow exterior paint that was left in our basement from the previous owner. It should get us through another winter, and it looks a lot better.

In the spring we really need to scrape and repaint the whole garage... but we definitely don’t have time right now for such a big project with the cold weather closing in!

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