Dec 8, 2011

Aphids Again (Round 3)

The battle continues. Two days after I finished wiping down each leaf and stem with dipped Q-tips, my triumph deflated - the plant was covered again. A whole new generation hatched from microscopic eggs I must have missed somewhere. Ugh. It was time for the big guns.

So I went to the local gardening store that has a big organic section and asked the sales person for the safest option for indoor plants to get rid of aphids and mites. And Mike took the trees outside on an unusually warm evening and sprayed both trees and the plant next to them so that everything was covered on top and the undersides of the leaves, plus the stems and branches.

And now we wait. The bottle says it usually zaps them in one application, though we can reapply in 1-2 weeks if need be.

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