Jan 2, 2012


Santa was very good to us this year. Right before Christmas, Mr. Clause made a delivery from his sleigh (actually a delivery truck) - a fully built and functional Weber Genesis Grill! We were even given a protective cover and a full propane tank! (If you’ve ever seen the instructions for how to build one of these, or have had to build one, you would understand why we’re so grateful that it came fully assembled and ready to use.)

Isn’t it glorious? Seriously this is the most amazing grill ever and we are so grateful to my parents. It fits perfectly in the nook of our patio next to the deck.

We’ve been grilling as much as possible ever since and will continue to do so throughout the winter despite the cold. We have a lot of recipes to try and a lot of good quality grilling to catch up on!


  1. Nice Grill! Glad you're back to posting!

  2. Nice! So Cool! =]

  3. So I guess we should order some steaks from the beef boy...;)