Feb 16, 2012

Sink Re-installation

Mike put the sink back in the bathroom! He reconnected all of the plumbing, installed the new faucet, fastened it into the wall (and plywood behind the wall for extra stability), and caulked around the edges with clear caulk.

It actually was not quite as easy as that. We actually attached the sink to the wall first (it’s a 2 person job), then Mike went to install the faucet. Except the sink was too small for the wrenches to fit! So we had to disconnect the drain, pull it off the wall, have Mike connect the new faucet, then we put it back up again and Mike redid the drain again. We should have put the faucet on before we installed the sink to begin with... but we’re learning as we go. And it only wasted time (and a little bit of plumber’s putty on the drain) so it wasn’t the end of the world.

The room is finally really starting to come together... now we just have to put up the finishing touches this weekend and we’ll have the big reveal on Monday!

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