Mar 5, 2012

Nursery Wallpaper

I always knew I wanted to do an accent wall of wallpaper in the nursery, on the small wall with the door. I wanted to find a cool wallpaper with trees and branches to bring the forest indoors, floor to ceiling. Something that would really make the whole woodland theme come to life. I began a search for different options - here’s what I found:

(Birch, Prestigious Textiles | Blackbird, Cavern Home | Birch, Prestigious Textiles | Family Tree, Ferm Living | Wild Flower, Ferm Living | Woods, Cole & Son | Wilderness, Ferm Living | Woods, Cole & Son | Woods, Cole & Son | Birch, Prestigious Textiles | Solitude, Graham & Brown | Etched Arcadia Mural, Over & Over)

After considering all of the options and comparing price, roll size, and the ability to coordinate with the wall color and potential fabric choices, I settled on this:

It’s the Woods wallpaper by Cole & Son. I love it because it’s very neutral in black and white and will blend beautifully with the wall color and fabric choices (the background looks gray in the photo, but it's actually white in real life). The high contrast will stand up to the dark wood furniture and I like that it's made up of large trees that grow floor to ceiling. Anthropologie has the best preview pictures of it, but we ordered it from Inside Fabric where they had a much better price.


  1. I LOVE ALL the wallpapers you gathered! GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see how the woods one looks on the wall!!!

  2. I have seen pictures of this wallpaper in nursery's but did now know where to get it. Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see it when its finished!