Apr 12, 2012

Bookcase Plan

The biggest of all our nursery plans is the built-in bookshelf on the wall with the window. While Mike has successfully built many excellent radiator covers all over the house, the bookshelf a much bigger and more complex project. I drew out a plan in illustrator for Mike and I to use as a reference. It’s not to scale, but it allowed us to figure out how many pieces we would need, write down measurements easily, and finalize the overall look. I thought it would be fun to share it here so you too can get an idea of what he's building.

click image to enlarge
As you can see, the wall to the left of the window will be floor-to-ceiling shelves. The actual placement of the shelves (except in key places) will vary from the illustration above to accommodate baskets, books, toys, etc. The bookcase will be built up against the window and around the radiator cover, which unfortunately is not flush with the window due to the valves at the bottom, so Mike has to work around that.

Over the window at the top will be a single shelf for additional storage and display. The window is much taller than the closet door so it can be the depth of the bookshelf, allowing crown molding to go on flush all the way across. On the right side of the radiator under the window, there will be a secondary tiny bookcase with shallow shelves that spans to the closet. The shelves will be narrow enough to allow the closet door to open fully, but will be wide enough to hold and display small toys and things.

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