Apr 18, 2012

Happy Owl Glassworks

For several years now I’ve wanted an animal nightlight from a little artisan glass company called Happy Owl Glassworks. The animals are so adorable and quirky! The only reason I never bought one was that I couldn’t decide what to get. There were just way too many choices. Now that we have a baby boy coming and a woodland-themed nursery in production, I finally took the plunge.

I had the animals narrowed down to the woodland creatures in either aqua or green. We decided the nightlight will be on the woods wallpaper wall next to the rocking chair, which helped us choose the green glass since the blue would make the wallpaper trees look “under water” at night. And since we had trees on the brain, that helped us choose the animal - what could be more natural than a squirrel in the branches?

There’s something about that squirrel I find really adorable. The little face and bushy tail? So cute! The nightlight has been ordered and should arrive in about 2 weeks. We can’t wait!

(All images are from Happy Owl Glassworks)

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