Jul 30, 2012

Sunroom to Playroom

As our house changes and grows with our family, we decided to go ahead and convert our sunroom into a playroom while I am still on maternity leave. The sunroom is the perfect place for Oliver to play - it’s close enough to the main living space we can keep an eye on him, but we can still close the doors on the mess as needed.

It’s not going to be a big transformation right now - just practical. The red media cabinet, plant stand, and red trunk are being relocated to make room for toys. We’re keeping the wall color, window treatments, chandelier, and couch in the room. Also by removing the red media cabinet and red trunk, we will finally have the space to pull out the sleeper sofa when overnight guests visit (currently we are without a place for visitors to sleep).

The hardest part of this transformation process is reorganizing with a baby. The media cabinet and trunk provide excellent storage - blankets, tablecloths, placemats, napkins, games, books, movies, decorations and miscellaneous items. Finding new homes for this stuff in a small house without a first floor closet is a challenge. Finding new homes for stuff with a tiny baby that hates napping is even harder!

To create functional toy storage, we would like to pick up a small white storage shelf from Ikea that will hold a set of toy baskets. While we don’t have a lot of toys yet, I know that we’ll be overwhelmed with them before we know it. I’ll accessorize with just a few fun things around the room for now with the expectation that this space will grow and change over time.

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