Aug 24, 2012

Picture Time

Georgia wants to know what I'm doing with the baby. She was so concerned over him she climbed up the trunks at the foot of the bed to investigate. Why am I taking pictures of him and not her?

When it's her turn, she poses so nicely!

So how is Georgia handling the changes in our house?

Georgia has been really wonderful and is handling the change really well. Much better than I ever expected. Honestly we are amazed at how well she is adjusting. She adores the baby and follows him around all the time, keeping a watchful eye. She's very protective! I swear Georgia thinks the baby is hers, she tries to take care of him like a puppy. It's very sweet, though sometimes I get the feeling she thinks she is a superior little mommy. I should start reading out loud to her about what to expect from human babies so we are on the same page! Obviously I'm doing a lot of reading/researching/checking-to-see-if-this-is-normal these days.

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