Aug 28, 2012

Summer Produce: Favorite Recipes

It’s not too late. Whether it’s your own garden or the farmer’s market, there’s an abundance of produce this time of year. I thought I would share my favorite things to do with our garden bounty this week before fall sets in.

Today: Tomatoes
Baked stuffed tomatoes, French tomato tart, fresh salsa
(see also: spanish romesco sauce, quinoa tabbouleh)

Wednesday: Peppers and zucchini
Grilled veggie sandwiches, Spanish romesco sauce
(see also fresh salsa, pumpkin poblano pasta, zucchini marmalade)

Thursday: String beans, cucumbers and herbs
Green bean salad with mint, perfect pesto, quinoa tabbouleh
(see also cucumber and string bean pickles)

Friday: Early Fall Favorites
Pumpkin poblano pasta, Butternut squash ravioli

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