Sep 17, 2012

A Sunny Room for Play

Our sunroom is now a playroom, ready for lots of toys and space to play. The location off the living room is perfect - centrally located but we can still close the doors on the mess when we need to. During the day it's sunny and bright, we love being in here.

Once the excess furniture was moved out, we were able to build the toy storage shelf with all the containers. A big basket holds blankets, pillows and stuffed animals for naps and playtime. Also, without the big red cabinet in here we can pull out the sofabed for overnight guests - much better than an air mattress on the floor!

Decorating this room is a process that will change as he grows. In a room that’s 90% windows and doors there’s minimal space for artwork, so it has to be in the objects and details. The elephant head was a lot of fun to make. The lamp and chandelier are bright and cheerful. Penny the purple penguin is fun but delicate, so she’s placed up high out or reach.

Everything else is for play - a guitar for sing-a-long time, shapes and blocks in bright colors,  stuffed animals to snuggle. The rubber donkey will be great to ride on when he's older. Right now the baby is at the perfect age for tummy time and fun on the playmat, so that’s out all the time. He loves the lights, music and colorful hanging toys. We even kept Georgia's basket of toys in here - it's a playroom for the whole family.

I'm excited about where we'll take this room next as he grows and changes - an easel for artwork, play instruments for music, more books to read, tracks for cars and trains, blocks to build empires, globes and maps to see the world... the possibilities are endless.

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