Oct 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Prep

Hurricane Sandy from the space station

Mother nature surprised us a year ago. Not once, not twice, but three times. It was the year of historical one in a million storms... three times. Hurricane Irene, a nasty tropical storm, and the October snowstorm. We lost power with each storm for significant amounts of time (days!). Our basement flooded, we froze... it was misery.

And this year was quiet. A mild winter. An uneventful summer. Normal. Until now. Right on the anniversary of last year's snow storm that created our first white Halloween, we have hurricane Sandy and that cold front that's supposed to create a historical "Frankenstorm." Seriously?! Haven't we had enough?

At least this year we are better prepared. Our basement floor is cleared of anything that can't get wet. The washer/dryer/deep freeze are up on blocks. We have a generator now and plenty of gas. Enough power to run our sump pump, fridge, and deep freeze. If we do lose power hopefully our basement won't flood, we won't lose any food, we won't freeze and our property won't be damaged.

Today our neighborhood is abuzz with the sounds of leaf blowers (clearing debris so the storm drains don't get clogged), testing out their generators, taking down loose Halloween decorations and putting away furniture/garbage cans/etc. Of course I'm still hoping that this entire storm has been blown out of proportion and turns out to be just some windy rain... we'll see.

Image from DiscoveryNews.com


  1. Hello. Are you okay now? Everywhere was sure hard hit and that includes you. Hope you are not freezing or in the dark or knee deep in water. So sad about all the destruction. Emmy in California

    1. We are okay, thank goodness. Thank you for asking! No trees hit our house, our basement didn't flood - it was just dark and cold at home. Due to the ongoing gas shortages, we had to conserve gasoline and only run the generator when necessary. We got power back late Saturday and I'm so grateful. I meant to post yesterday but our internet was spotty. There are still so many people freezing in the dark all over our state... and a Nor'easter is headed our way. I'm really hoping the power doesn't get knocked out again!