Nov 20, 2012

Wrapped, Stuffed & Ready for Winter

Fig tree
In addition to finally pulling up the garden, we made a small dent in winterizing the backyard. My sources tell me best way to keep tender plants like our fig tree and the crepe myrtle alive in the winter is to wrap them in burlap and then stuff them with leaves for insulation. We actually did this originally in October, but then noticed over the weekend that the hurricane blew most of the leaves out from the bottom. So before it got too cold, we re-stuffed them for the long haul.

Crepe myrtle

I also pulled up the 6 dead bushes along the fence that were a terrible eyesore. I’ve been meaning to do it for a year. A YEAR. That would be more embarrassing if I hadn’t had a baby, but I feel rather justified that we had more important things to do. But I’m very glad they are gone, and I'm sure the neighbors are as well. I’ll replant new ones in the spring.

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