Apr 29, 2013

Porch Light

Our outdoor improvements continue, in the backyard and in the front. We are actually in process of a mini front porch upgrade. Overall the plan is for a new color for the front door, a new door knocker, a fresh coat of paint on the steps, a fresh coat of oil on the wood floor, and some touch-up white paint on the porch posts/rails (we painted it back in October 2010, but it needs some freshening up in a few spots)... and a new porch light.

This is what we had before. A bare bulb light, speckled with mildew and rust. HIDEOUS. I can’t believe we have lived with it for this long.

Mike took out the old one and connected the new one. We thought it would be a quick easy project, but like every project in this old house, it turned out to be a huge pain. The old box was messed up and had to be replaced, which meant messing with the old wiring, which meant a lot more work. Two trips to Home Depot and four baby naps later, the light is in and looks beautiful. A million times better than a hideous bare bulb!

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