May 23, 2013

Citrus Lane Box #4

My monthly box arrived from Citrus Lane. It’s always so much fun to find the box on the porch! Overall I think this was a really great box, on par with the boxes from February and March.

First there was a green toys race car. I love the green toys brand and this blue car was actually on my list of things I wanted to get Oliver for his birthday next month. So obviously I love it - and Oliver does too. What little boy doesn’t love cars and trucks? We also got this cool book Up Up Up that goes along to a song, provided on a CD that we can listen to or watch on the computer. Oliver loves music, books and singing so this is just fantastic. The only downside is that the book isn’t a board book and Oliver is still in his ripping/tearing/shredding/eating paper phase, so I have to be careful on how we read it together. And he doesn’t watch much TV or laptop videos, so we’ll save that part for when he’s older (he just isn’t interested - we’re not anti-TV).

Also in the box were two different sets of full-sized organic snack packs from Ella’s Kitchen, a brand we really like, so I’m glad to have some extra treats for Ollie in the pantry. And for me they included this really cool organic lotion stick. It melts and absorbs into the skin and smells amazing. Perfect for my purse. I love cool new products like this!

This month I’m really happy with the contents. I’m glad that they included 5 fun things that arrived in good condition (unlike last month). The car, interactive story/song book, and lotion stick all have the “wow factor” I look for in every box. It’s always a fun surprise every month and it’s especially great when I love what I find inside!

If you like what you see and want to join with your very own $10 off coupon, just click on the link:

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**I am not in any way affiliated with Citrus Lane, they did not ask for my endorsement and my opinion is completely my own. I'm just sharing the box because I found it to be fun!

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