May 28, 2013

May Showers Bring Summer Babies

We hosted a baby shower brunch here at our house on Sunday over the holiday weekend. I think everyone had a lot of fun! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, luckily we were able to set up inside and out. We put out plenty of activities for the kiddos to keep them entertained, plus shade for the babies and a space for the adults to relax.

Before the guests arrived, I snapped a few quick photos of the details. I kept the decor and supplies simple - paper lanterns and cups/plates/napkins in a palette of blues, aqua and lime green. Since the party was during the afternoon and it was a really windy day, I skipped the globe lights that I had originally been hoping to put out. We’ll save them for the next party!

The favors for the adults were iced tea kits in little blue bags. It included two iced tea bags, a lemon and instructions on how to make sun tea (since “a summer baby is brewing”). I made the tags myself, printing the design out on cardstock and cutting out the shape of the pitcher with scissors. For the kids, we kept it simple since there was a wide age range from babies to school-age. We put together little pocket folios filled with stickers, crayons, and a little notebook to color in .

I designed the shower invitations too, I wanted a cute polka-dot umbrella design with little raindrop dots. In each envelope I put in a small handful of little blue dot confetti to match. When they were printed, I had the corners rounded. Here’s what the invitation looked like (with all the personal information stripped out):

We had a lot of fun. Parties are a lot of work, but I do love entertaining!


  1. How cute!! I love the goody bags, what a fun idea! I also love the teal blue vases you put on the outdoor tables..

  2. Very nice job. You're so creative!