Jun 10, 2013

One Year Later: My Top 10 Favorite Baby Products

It’s baby’s birthday week around here, I can’t believe our son is a year old. It flew by. I knew it was going to go fast, but holy cow it was even quicker than I expected. Since it’s been a whole year, we thought it would be fun to deviate this week from our regular house-oriented posts and shared a few things we’ve learned over the past year as new parents.

To start, today I thought I would share some of my favorite baby things that have been awesomely helpful. Of course every baby is different and every family is different, so what worked well for us might not be right for you. But there are a few of my favorite things, in no particular order.

1. Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller. I LOVE this stroller, it’s everything all in one. It’s a lightweight travel stroller that opens and closes easily with one hand (perfect for when you’re by yourself holding the baby!). With the infant carrier adapter (purchased separately) it’s was a first-class travel system stroller when we needed it. The 3-wheel design handles tight corners in small stores, gravel paths, grass and dirt roads with ease. The generous canopy blocks most sun and even some light rain. Thanks to its slim design it doesn’t take up much space when folded - important in a little house without first floor closets! The only thing it isn’t is a true jogging stroller, but I’m a walker not a runner so that wasn’t an issue for me. I love, love, love the city mini.

2. Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddlers. If there was only one thing I could recommend to new moms, a 4-pack of these would be it. Muslin blankets are the greatest thing on the planet. They are essential for swaddling summer babies because they are the only thing lightweight enough (we found sleep sacks and the miracle blanket to be too hot on a 90 degree day). They make a perfect extra layer in all seasons. They are so breathable, they make a perfect nursing cover and provide excellent sun shade when draped over the infant carrier. They readily absorb spit up in an emergency and are great for playing peek-a-boo. They are so soft they make excellent lovies - Oliver loves his so much he still can’t sleep without one.

3. Tommee Tippee Bibs. Closer to Nature infant bibs for bottles and the Explora silicone roll up bibs for solids. The infant bibs have a ring around the top that’s perfect for catching milk dribble, drool, and spit up which I love. The Explora silicone bibs have a big pocket for catching food that actually stays open, which is great (a lot of pocket bibs collapse easily). That pocket has saved a ton of food from going on the floor as Ollie feeds himself. The silicone is also super easy to wash in the sink.

4. Sleep Sheep. I didn’t think we needed a sleep sheep. We already had a portable white noise machine (with nightlight!) and I thought that was good enough. I was wrong. Very wrong. Sleep sheep is the be-all-end-all of white noise making. Oliver only liked ocean waves to fall asleep. Nothing else. And now when I put those waves on, he’s drowsy in minutes thanks to that beautiful thing called sleep associations.

5. Baby Beco Gemini. I was told that the Baby Becos are the BMW of baby carriers. I’m in full agreement. It holds newborns through toddlers, front and back and side. It’s masculine so guys can wear it. It’s easy to put on, adjust, and very comfortable for countless hours. It's a little more $ than the Baby Bjorn, but not much and I know several people who got the Baby Bjorn/Baby Bjorn Sport who ended up upgrading to the Beco because it was so much better. I figured it was worth just spending the little bit of extra up front instead of buying 2. And we love ours and use it all the time.

6. Moby Wrap. The moby wrap is awesome. Oliver loved being carried around in it and it was recommended to me as the best for holding newborns. You can nurse with it, exercise with it, do chores with it (cleaning, cooking, dishes, gardening). It’s very comfy and the best for if you are doing a lot of bending. It provides shade for newborns too. The only downside is that men look really stupid wearing it.

Having 2 carriers, like the stroller, is really a lifestyle choice. If you only get 1, get the Beco. It’s the best for all ages and perfect for standing and walking around (parties, outings, walks, etc.). However if you are the type of person who goes a little stir crazy in a messy house and likes to get stuff done with a newborn, the Moby is ideal. It’s for doers who want to keep their infant happy and close so they can do the dishes, water the flowers, weed the garden, do a little yoga, etc. It keeps them secure so you can move freely and bend.

7. Primo Baby Bath. Oliver loves this tub. It has 2 positions for different ages (laying down and sitting up) and there’s a thing in the middle to keep them from sliding into the water and drowning. It’s great. It’s free-standing so it can go anywhere. We also had a sink insert tub (like the Puj, etc.), which I found to be a huge waste of money. He literally grew out of it in like a week. The Primo tub works from newborn (once the cord falls off) until they are old enough for the real bathtub.

8. Ikea High Chair. We love ours from Ikea. It looks nice with clean modern lines and cleanup is a cinch without a lot of crevices and parts. The tray is removable and it’s table height, so when Oliver’s a little more civilized he can eat at the table with us. Best of all it’s $25.

9. Munchkin Click Lock Sippy Cups. These are the only ones that don’t leak. I swear.

10. Zutano Booties. These are the only bootie/shoe/sock/foot cover that Oliver couldn’t kick off in 5 seconds. It was the only thing that worked. They are very well designed and keep baby’s feet very warm all winter long - worth every penny, get multiple pairs! I wish they made them with grippy bottoms for toddlers - Oliver is still the master at getting his shoes and socks off in a flash.

11. Swing. Okay so this is more than 10, but it doesn’t count because I’m not recommending a specific swing, just that you need a swing. Oh my! They are lifesavers. It doesn’t matter what brand you go with, just get one. Ahead of time. Ideally something that plugs in. Even if you want to be a minimalist. A swing is so important, so helpful for screaming babies, do not wait on buying one.


  1. Fun & super helpful! Totally adding to my baby registry...

  2. Luv those booties!!!!!! <3 <3