Jul 3, 2013

Photo Garland: How To

The photo garland was fairly simple to make and I really love the way it came out. All of Oliver’s mustache and glasses photos had that old-timey look to them thanks to instagram, so I decided I wanted them to look almost like old-fashioned slides.

Overall, the project would have been a lot easier if I had edited down my photos a bit better. The garland was a lot longer than I had anticipated (almost 60 photos!), which made for a lot of cutting and glueing - and working with yarn that long was a bit unwieldy. But it was still a lot of fun to do and next time I would just make 2 shorter ones instead of a huge one.

To start, I laid out all of my little square photos in photoshop to fit 4x6 photo paper, 6 pictures on a sheet. I printed them out on my home printer and cut them out (2”x2”) with a paper cutter.

I also cut out little rectangles of black posterboard at 2.5”x3” for the backing. I rounded the corners and cut out the holes with paper punches.

I glued everything together with scrapbooking glue. It made for quite a pile of pictures!

Stringing them up with the yarn was actually the most tedious part, and only because I had to make the yarn so long to hold all the pictures. I wanted the pictures to stay in place, so it’s looped at every hole. If I ever make something like this again I’d make 2 shorter ones. I really like the way it came out though - it was very festive and made me happy.

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  1. How Cute!! This is such a fun idea..would be great for decorating someone's birthday area:) I also LOVE the way it looks against the yellow wall paper.
    Totally worth all the effort you put into the project