Aug 19, 2013

Making a Stairwell Gallery Wall

I know I’ve mentioned it before, I’ve been planning on making a stairwell gallery wall for a while. It’s taken some time because I’ve been slowly building up my frame collection. (The last collection went to Oliver’s nursery.) Finally I had enough frames again to get started. It won’t be enough to cover the whole area we’re aiming for, but it’s enough to go all the way up the stairs. Coincidentally, at the same time, snapfish was having a 50% off sale - the perfect time to order some prints and enlargements.

Mostly we chose pictures of Oliver of course. It was really hard to narrow them down, I take a lot of pictures of him! I also mixed in a couple pieces of original art, a couple of prints and some photos we already had. Over time I would like to add more artwork and update with newer pictures of Ollie has he grows.

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